Saturday, February 28, 2009

Cuter... is that possible?

Ive been back and forth on ear peircing. I wasnt sure if I was gonna do it now or wait. My SIL peirced my neices at 2 months, my pediatrician didnt recommend it but told us it was ok to do it if we decided. So I pondered on it for awhile and thought... well, I'd better do it now so I can be the one to clean it to make sure there is no infections because she is small enough not to fight me on it. So as scared as I was, I packed Miss Khloe up and met my mom (for moral support of course) at Claires. Most people would not recommend claires, but I got my ears peirced there. So why not. % minutes later and a sad, hungry baby later- her cute little pink daisy whit gold earrings were in her ears and she looked even more cute. If that was actually possible.



On a side note, Just thought Id share a few more pics. I mean, I just hate taking pictures of her (ya! RIGHT!)!! ;0)

Her Daddy loves her as Much as I do....

Also, hard to beleive that my 3.5 year old was wearing these when he was 4 months old. lol Here is a picture of Khloe in her brothers pajamas- now hers.

And here is a cute little picture of her feetsies. With her special slippers that our freind Mrs Lisa got for her. Thanks LISA!!!! They are so cute on her!


Noob Mommy said...

The ear piercing looks adorable. I'm totally mixed on that, but I have to say, the picture makes it look worthwhile :)

The Stimpsons said...

Oh that looks so cute!!