Friday, January 30, 2009

Utah or Bust!

TC had to have another surgery for his hypospadias. He has them in Utah at the Primary Childrens hospital. I wanted to make sure we did it while I was still on maternity leave so that I could be at home with him, and not have to take time off work. Its a 5 hour drive, usually very relaxing. However, when I opened the door Sunday morning to go start packing the car the snow that was coming down kind of put a damper on things. I knew that even though the sno we got was "little" it only meant tha pass from here to Utah wasnt going to be fun. My mom pleaded with me to stay home.... but I had to go- WE had to go. She was worried about us, since Tim wasnt able to go it was just TC, Khloe and myself. I thought I would be fine, but to appease her I filled my car with bottled water and blankets... just in case.

I didnt get very far outside of Boise before the cars that slid off he road starting adding up..... there was a total of 25 cars within 45 minutes. YIKES! Still, I pushed on. I made it to the half way point (just outside of Burley if your familiar with the area) and hit some pretty ICY roads. Here is a pic of hat it looked like....

Everyone slowed down to about 30 miles an hour, including myself. Before I knew it though I was going sideways and headed straight for the divide of the two highways. I slid pretty far and just about went up on to the other side of the highway when my car did a quick 360 and turned. All I remember was telling TC when my car was headed that way was "to hold on". Once we obviously werent on the road anymore, he asked "where are we going". If I wasnt so freaked out, I might have laughed. I do now! My worst nightmare was to be stranded in the middle of no where with a 3 yo and a newborn. Thankfully, Idaho State Police came within 15 minutes and called me a tow truck. However, due to the roads we had to wait 1.5 horus for it to get there.... and 200 dollars later we were on the road again, going Much MUCH slower.

Here is a picture of where we were stuck. Photobucket