Friday, December 5, 2008

One Day shy of 36 weeks

I went to my maternal fetal medicine appt today for my BPP and NST. They als wanted to measure baby to see how she was doing. I figured this would probably be my last measurement u/s since she is getting so big. NST looked great she is breathing wonderfly and moving around up to par. My blood pressure was up today, no surprise- we have had a very stressful week. This was the first time it was elevated at MFM. Usually, its my regular OB visit that its elevated. MFM doc came in and said "You have one big baby!" I laughed and said i figured since I have been in so much pain. She said that Khloe is measuring in the 95 percentile, weighing at more than double her brother birth weight. She weighs (approx.) 7lbs 6 oz. That is a 3lb GAIN in only 4 weeks!!! TECHNICALLY I have a good 4 weeks to go in a normal pregnancy that is, she would be a 10lb baby!!! Good greif. However, MFM doctor said that because my blood pressure was so high that had I been 37 weeks she would just say its time to deliver. But I am only 36 weeks (well tomorrow anyways), we will wait and see. I see my OB on Tuesday and will let her know what she said. maybe I will have me baby next week or early the next week?!?!? That would be WONDERFUL!

On a lighter note. Tim is officially employed again. he starts his new job on Monday. As excited as I am to be able to pay our bills I am a little apprehensive. I was hoping he would get a job AFTER I recovered from my c section. Looks like I will be alone, taking care of a 3 year old AND a newborn. With TC I got lucky (maybe thats not the BEST word to use) and he was in the NICU for 15 days, so I was able to heal before he got home and when he was home I was able to do everything I wanted. This time, things will be different. I am 90% sure I will be bringing baby home, and then of course I will have TC. Thankfully he is pretty independant. It will definetly be a challenge. We will see how it goes.