Thursday, November 6, 2008

We are in the Final Stretch- Pardon the PUN

Cant beleive we are in week 31 of this pregnancy already. Its like time has flown by at crazy speeds. Although I can remember thinking when I was 20 weeks- oh my God this pregnancy is never going to end. Ha Ha. I should have known.

Things started to pick up pace lately when I was put on modified bedrest last week. At least I can still walk around and play with my son and shower. At this point with TC the ONLY thing I could do was get up to go to the bathroom. So I am thankful we are taking good measures. My doc is now seeing me twice a week. Monday I have another ultrasound to measure fluid levels and size of Khloe. My doctor said that we will also be doing those weekly now to make sure she is growing appropriately. TC pretty much stopped growing at 30 weeks due to the pre ecclampsia. We will also be doing the NST's (non stress test) weekly starting next week. Its a good thing the hospital is right across the street since it looks like that will be our second home for the next few weeks. The doctor has set our "goal date" for delivery for 34 weeks. She said on wednesday that she is very hopeful to get us to that point, and maybe 35 weeks if we take good precautions. So at this point I am hopeful. I think I will know more after the ultrasound on Monday.


The Stimpsons said...

Hey Kayla, Thats funny I was just thinking about you. I didn't know you were on bedrest! Maybe Trace and I can come visit you some time and we can watch a chick flick. I'll give you a call next week.