Thursday, November 6, 2008

Walk around the block at Albertsons Park

I have lived in the Treasure Valley for about 10 years now. I have heard a lot about all the popular parks, and have made my way to seeing all of them. All but one, Albertsons Park. So, since all the leaves have been changing lately I thought it would be a wonderful time to go visit the park that I have heard so much of. So we loaded up the car full of our clan, and headed down. I must say I think everyone else in the Valley had the same idea, except it was for taking formal family pictures. I didnt mind. It was still worth it. It was an amzing walk and it was very peaceful and serene. All the leaves looked beautiful and the trees over the walkway were amazing. TC especially loved the duck pond.

As well as climbing the pretty trees.

Of course we have to take advantage of the pretty scenery and tak e pic the belly at 30 weeks

And then one of my all times favs- a pic of the two men of my life. Man the two of them can be sweet when they want toPhotobucket