Wednesday, November 26, 2008

34 weeks

Had my 34 week update on Tuesday. Things are going ok. Besides the usual BP elevation and swelling. She said that we couldnt set a date for my c/s because she didnt expect to get that far. She expects something to happen between 36-37 weeks.

On the other side, I did wind myself up in l & D tonight. thats always great fun (sarcasm)!! i had a major headache all day and it was one of those bad ones that you wake up with. headaches are pretty common during pregnancy, but mine usually go away with some tylenol. however, this one was pretty stubborn. Since my doctor told me if I had one that didnt go away to go in.... I did qwhat I was told. BP was ranging from 140-150/ 70. So thet gave me some vicodin and sent me home. of course it wasnt THAt simple. i stayed there for over an hour and a half. getting meds wasnt my intention, now was I happy about it since pain meds usually make me sick. but I figures if I didnt do something about it now, I would be one unhappy camper tomorrow for Thanksgiving. So I just took it.

besides all that good stuff, things are going good. I have no idea when my doctor will decide to take Khloe and that drives me insane. but then again, I guess thats kind of normal isnt it??