Sunday, September 7, 2008

the original

So who-duh thunk it! An actual blog! Well, at least we can say we began one. Who knows if we can keep up with it!! Anywho. I guess I can start with a little update! Tim and I are going on 5 years now, almost 6. I met him while I was in high School still, senior year. We thank Shopko DC for our unity. For those who wonder (which I know there are a ton), Tim and I are not married yet. Kind of one of those things we started over 3 years ago by being engaged. For one reason or another, it just never happened. but some day....! TC is 3 now. He is SUPER excited about Khloe coming here and he asks about her every day and give her a kiss goodnight each night. He can sing hiw whole ABC's (and a ton of those kids song, which get very annoying at times) and count to ten in Spanish. We are very proud of him, and know that he is a very smart cookie. I think he gets that from me...hee hee- but dont tell Tim that. I am now 23 weeks now. things are going good, and no signs of pre-ecclampsia. There are signs of an underlying kindey disorder, but that will be distinguished after Khloe is born. Anywho, I think thats update enough.